Verve for Torque 3D

Verve for Torque 3D

Verve is an add-on tool for InstantAction's flagship 3D engine, Torque 3D. Verve gives you the power to create and display event based sequences, including in-game Cinematics and Cutscenes, helping you connect with your audience and experience the worlds you create.

The tools provided with Verve are integrated into and extend the standard editors in Torque 3D and aim to promote a familiar development environment. The Verve Editor is where your world comes to life! Complex Machinima sequences and game Cinematics are all made easy with Verve's tool set.

Great care has also been taken to ensure that the integration process is as simple as possible. Even the most inexperienced C++ developers will be able to get Verve up and running with little effort.

All of this is available with documentation, tutorials and full support from Verve's developers, Violent Tulip. The creation of entertaining, high quality in-game Cinematics has never been easier!

Platformer Starter Kit

Platformer Kit

The Platformer Kit has been constructed for Torque Game Builder v1.5.0 (TGB) and up. The framework has been completely re-enginered in source to improve overall efficiency, allowing you to add more objects to your levels. Users without the engine's source code still get the benefit through the precompiled executables provided with the kit. This means that any TGB user can start to re-create all their favorite classic platform games.

The included source, art, documentation and demo files will enable you to start developing prototypes in a matter of hours, not days.

The Platformer Kit promises to provide a firm foundation for you to create platform games. You don't have to be a TGB pro, a great programmer, or even a great artist! Everything is explained to you bit, by bit and if you still don't understand, the support forum and Torque Developer Network is available to you.

2D Effects Pack

2D Effects Pack

The 2D Effects Pack is a valuable addition to any action packed 2D game developed with Torque Game Builder. The effects contained in this pack have been customized to suit a range of 2D games, including top-down, side-scrolling or platform products.

This pack provides an extensive array of Particle Effects to add depth, texture and character to your project. It also offers impressive sound effects to complement the visual enhancements and with the added bonus of the Torque Script files required to bring the effects onto your project. Any game will explode into action easily and effectively.

Both new and experienced Torque Game Builder users will benefit from the easy to use and optimised Particle Effect and Emitter files offered. TGB Effects provides the finishing touches to any developer wishing to push their project closer to perfection.